Recent Photos from Class Members

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So, what have YOU been up to since 1971?

Claude Anderson and family. Read more about him, his family, and what he's been up to by clicking on the image!

Joyce Green (Dayvault) and family.

Joyce and David Dayvault at the Celestial Ball for the Make-A-Wish Foundation in 2007.

Karen Moreau and the other owners of adopted dachshunds at the 2008 NC Wiener Roast.

Tommy Nevetral is training personnel to be emergency responders.

Patsy Johnson (Arnett) hanging out with royalty!

Bill Roberts threshing rice in Thailand. Read more about him by clicking on the image!

Bill Roberts with Adam and Andrew in Belize.

Barbara Good Hearn and Steve Hearn with their grandchildren at Easter, 2008.

Barbara Good Hearn and Steve Hearn with grandchildren.

Patsy Johnson (Arnett) and family at their son's graduation from UNC-Chapel Hill.

Patti Nugent (Neto) at her retirement party. "Life is too short to work all of it."

Kile and Elizabeth Unterzuber

Kile Unterzuber diving the LDS Spiegel Grove off Key Largo.

JoAnn Willis runs into Michael Hingerty in Rome.

Sue Rickles (Nichols) sends greetings to the class.

Mary (Godburn) and
Rick Hatcher,
Charleston, SC

Joanne (Gee) and Leroy
Davis on a cruise.

Joanne (Gee) Davis
and family at her
daughter's wedding.

Tom Cogle (with his
wife, Donnicia) has
been a pastor
since 1982.

Carol (Ellis) and
husband, Bobby Ferrell.

Edit McKlveen has
been following
the website.

More to come!

More to come!

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