"We have been married nearly 29 years and are now living in Charleston SC. Rick is a 69 graduate of Varina and since he was ten knew that he would be a Civil War historian. He is now the Historian at Fort Sumter National Monument (National Park Service) where he has been stationed for 16 years. Before that we were at Wilson's Creek National Battlefield in Springfield, MO for 13 years. While we were there our daughter Ashton was born. She is now 24 and so much smarter and more savvy than I was at that age. She lives here in Charleston, blissfully happy on her own, managing a friend's business. Since college (Mary Washington), I have worked for the Army as an historian and writer, and with the NPS at Fredericksburg Nat'l Military Park - also as an historian....Once a history nerd always a history nerd."

-Mary Godburn Hatcher

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