"I am grooving on the photos. Some folks I have recognized right away; some folks after a few seconds; some folks not at all, probably because, back in the day, I heard their names, saw brief glimpses in the hallway, but did not have classes with them or whatever. You [Jenny], Ruth, and Rose are very recognizable. Kile it took me a couple of seconds to say, "Yeah, that's him." Different hair back then, different color. :-) It's a strange kind of fun. Because of recent work pressures, with little time to socialize (except for a few good friends from church), I have been feeling slightly disconnected from the rest of the world. Learning about the reunion providentially has reminded me of a whole set of connections and given me a lot of encouragement. Thanks for your part in putting all this together. You have obviously been having a lot of fun!"

-Edith McKlveen

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