-Daughter Sharon (27), her husband Matt, holding their son Benjamin (1). They live in San Antonio, TX.
-Son Will (17), starting as a freshman at Rose-Hulman this August, computer geek, Christian apologist.
-Son Joel (16) Has the mechanical abilities that his father somehow never got, and is loud and obnoxious with his trumpet.
-Daughter Rachel (25) and her husband Craig. They live in Ft. Wayne, IN.

-Daughter Melody (15), our pianist and flautist, also hair stylist for her sisters.
-My Wife Diane (married 31 years next month), who has been homeschooling our children for 22 years (about 12 more to go!). Love of my life.
-Guess who! I just finished my 20th year as a professor (Computer Science) at Rose-Hulman Institute of Technology, which has been ranked by U.S. News and World Report as the #1 undergraduate engineering school in the country for each of the past nine years (tied with Harvey Mudd College in 2008).
-Daughter Esther (13) aspiring writer, excellent cook, all-around helper, progressing well on violin, reads several books per month.

-Daughter Abigail (9) Cat-lover, adventurous, doing well with piano and violin.
-Son John (6) The one who keeps us on our toes! The sweetest and most stubborn of our children. Special in every way.
-Daughter Rebekah (8) Supplier of endless hugs; her siblings say she will be a great lawyer some day. If she ever writes to her high school friends 37 years after graduation, her father will be 101!

Lately our family has been heavily involved in the startup of a multi-ethnic church in the “inner city” of Terre Haute.

I’ll add one more thing, since a lot of you knew my parents. My mother died of cancer in 1987. In 1996, my father remarried and moved to his wife’s hometown near Nashville, TN. Three years ago, she was diagnosed with Altzheimer’s, so my dad has had to do double duty lately.

Claude Anderson

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