High School Photographs
(and some thereafter....)

Come on, people! I'm running out of photos to post here!

Here are some scanned images of photographs from high school days (and shortly after).
Sorry, like most of us, I tend to save the photos in which I appear, but you'll
also see Mike, Claude, David, Ian, Harry, Wilson, and others.
(Click on the individual images for higher resolution scanned images.)

CHHS Cheerleading
Squad 1970-1971
(Click to identify
the squad members.)

High School
Bowl Team (1970)
(l to r) Kile, David,
and John McDermott

History Class
(l to r) Kile, Wilson,
Fred, and Harry

National Merit Semi-
Finalists (l to r) Ian, Tim, David, Kile,
Mike, and Claude

Do you recognize
all five?
(Click on the
image to see.)

Cheryl Simpson
at the Junior
Ring Dance
(with Buddy Holly)

Claude Anderson
at CalTech
(ca. 1971)

Here's an article
from The Progress
on the Majorettes and
Minute Maids!

Mather House Crew
1974 Intramural
(and Rolling Rock

Joanne Gee and
Mike Varga before
the Junior Ring Dance

Joanne Gee and Donald Green ready for the Senior Prom.

Chemistry Class
(yeah, that's David
peeking out from
behind Mike)

Boy Scouts
(Are David K. and
Kile together in
every picture?)

Crew Race in
Boston (1972)
(first win for
Mather House)

More to come!

More to come!

Drop me a note if you want to discuss any particular photo or need a higher resolution.

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