Class Get-Together at Rose and Bert's
July 12, 2008

Here are just a few of the many photos we have from our Saturday evening at Rose and Bert's home.
We're still receiving photos from those who attended, so visit this page again soon to see what we've added.
And make sure to schedule yourself to attend our next class function!

Just click on the individual image to see a larger version.

Larry Reed (Class Sponsor) with Rose Alley (Browning).

Steve Hearn, Susie Hall, and Bill Johnson.

Ronnie Kuykendall, Debra Worthen (Spivey), and David Johnson.

Patsy Johnson (Arnett), Cindy Jones (Thornsvard), Harry Thornsvard, and Barbara Good (Hearn).

Harry Palmore, Steve Hearn, Bill Johnson, and Kile Unterzuber.

Kenny Whitehurst and Richard Hill.

Ann and Bob Terrell.

Ronnie Kuykendall, Debra Worthen (Spivery), Ken Spivey, Linda Snead, and David Johnson.

Diane Jefferson (Seifart) and Karen Moreau.

Cheryl Jordan (Comstock) and her husband.

Patti Nugent (Neto) and Kile Unterzuber.

Jerry and Linda Snead.

Mark Adwell.

Joyce Green (Dayvault) and Anna Ponder singing the CHHS fight song.

Jenny King (Fisher) and Kile Unterzuber.

Jenny King Fisher and Richard Hill cut the, grass.

Karen Moreau.

Another big bunch of happy attendees!

Ronnie Kuykendall is all smiles!

David Johnson.

Jenny King Fisher and Ronnie Kuykendall.

Diane Jefferson (Seifart) and Jimmy Ponder exchange a hug.

Kile Unterzuber
chowing down.

Harry Palmore, Patsy Johnson (Arnett), Kenny Whitehurst, Mark Adwell, and Ronnie Kuykendall.

A whole bunch of people!

It's up to you to figure this one out!

[Comment redacted at the photographer's request.]

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