Class Get-Together at Rose and Bert's
October 4, 2008

Here are just a few of the many photos we have from our Saturday evening at Rose and Bert's home.
With over 60 classmates, spouses, and friends in attendance, it was a huge sccess and we had a blast!
We're still receiving photos from those who attended, so visit this page again soon to see what we've added.
And make sure to schedule yourself to attend our next class function after the holidays (date will be announced)!

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Marcheta Laine, Tom Compton, and Chris Compton.

Ann Terrell, with Dorene and Larry Reed talking to Gloria (Grubb) Engelberger.

Bobbi (Bowman) Woods talks with Frances Hatcher, while John Ramirez and Bobby Ferrell look on.

Bobby Ferrell chats with Karen (Campbell) Prough.

1970-1971 Football Players: (l to r) Ken, Tom, Mark, Kile, Liston, and (front) Jerry.

(L to r)Donald and Debbie (Wall) Barnes, Henry Geiger, Carol (Ellis) Ferrell, and Ruth (Michalek) Zimmer.

Gloria (Grubb) Engelberger, Larry Reed, and Betsy (Johnston) Mitchell.

Jenny (King) Fisher and Steve Hearn.

Jenny (King) Fisher snaps a photo of Donald Mayes.

Jo Ann Willis-Kahn chats with Carolyn (Lynch) Older.

Joy (Kitchen) Apodaca and Frances Hatcher share a laugh on the deck.

Joyce (Green) Dayvault, Carolyn (Lynch) Older, and Mary (Godburn) Hatcher pose near the lake.

Ken Hatcher and Rick Hatcher consider the world.

Through the smoke, (l to r) Mark Adwell, Gloria (Grubb) Engelberger, and Tom Engelberger.

Discussing the 1970 football season? Mark Adwell and Liston Laine.

Peggy (Daniel) Milk and Karen Moreau.

(L to r)Chris Nevetral, Peggy (Daniel) Milk, Steve Hearn, and Tom Nevetral.

Many took advantage of Bert's kind offer of free boat rides. Beautiful weather!

Way too many people to identify in the caption, but that's Terry (Grammar) Bell in the red and white stripes.

(L to r) Carol (Ellis) Ferrell, Patsy (Johnson) Arnett, Ruth (Michalek) Zimmer, and Kile Unterzuber.

Stan Adams and Debbie (Wall) Barnes hanging around the kitchen.

Steve Hearn, Barbara (Good) Hearn (back to camera), and Liston Laine on the deck.

Jim Ponder and Joy (Kitchen) Apodaca.

Carol (Ellis) Ferrell, Mark Denny, and Karen Moreau pose, with Mark being way too serious.

(L to r) Chris Compton, Kile Unterzuber, Tom Compton, and Jenny (King) Fisher.

Ruth (Michalek) Zimmer and Ann Terrell share a moment.

Keith Slaughter and Donald Mayes are suspicious of the camera.

Kile Unterzuber and John Ramirez take a moment to pose.

Marti and Fred Fann get their name tags.

An amused Terry (Grammar) Bell.

A danced-out Tom Nevetral. (It's a long story.)

Chip Kahn, Carol (Ellis) Ferrell, Bobby Ferrell, and Jo Ann Willis-Kahn.

Ruth (Michalek) Zimmer, Peggy (Daniel) Milk, and Rose (Alley) Browning.

More to come!

More to come!

More to come!

Drop us a note if you want to discuss any particular photo or, better yet, if you would like to contribute a photo to the page.
If we have misidentified anyone in these photos, it is entirely our fault. We would
appreciate your helping us out by sending in corrections.

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